Taboo Spell slot

The Taboo Spell Slot Game The Taboo Spell slot game is a creation of Genesis Studios. It is based around the mysterious, often feared art of voodoo, which is thought by many to be a highly dangerous form of casting magical spells. The game has exceptionally high quality graphics, which are clearly created by a […]

Big Foot

NextGen’s Big Foot Slots Game Reviewed The legend of Bigfoot is known across the world, and is about a large ape-like humanoid that roams the forests of North America. While there are countless witnesses to the creature, there has never been solid proof of his existence, but people to this day are convinced that Bigfoot […]


About Barcrest Barcrest, the games developer, was founded in in Manchester in 1968. They became the main supplier of slot and skill gaming machines. The well- known name grew as the popular fruit machines expanded into exclusively online Barcrest slots, when Barcrest was incorporated into IGT and finally Scientific Games Corporation. The original machines used […]