European Roulette Online for Players

Explaining European Roulette Online for Players

There are effectively, and broadly, two primary variations of roulette that are played at casinos around the world.

These variations are known as European Roulette and American Roulette. European roulette differs from the American version, primarily, in that the European roulette wheel has one green number, the 0, whereas the American roulette wheels have two such numbers, a 0 and a 00.

The game of Roulette should be appreciated as a game based on chance. The game has evoked much speculation in terms of predicting the outcome of the spinning wheel and the ball. Players have always believed that in some way the number that the ball lands on can be predicted, a fascination in no small part due to the lucrative possibilities should one be able to know where the ball will land.  Roulette players have tried many number predictive and betting systems over the years, including using the Fibonacci and Labouchere number sequences, and the Martingale betting method. Some of these strategies can be highly complicated, and mathematically advanced, with many advocates and users, but in reality all of them remain unproven.

The Culture of Roulette

Some games, and within the casino game genre there are many examples, simply have a huge and universal appeal. One of the broadly appealing casino games is roulette. Regularly portrayed in films and books, predicting the behaviour of a single ball on a spinning wheel of numbers entertains players from every corner of the world.

Particularly popular in Europe, where the game is steeped in antiquity, culture and tradition, and accepted as intrinsic to French culture. Naturally the version played in this part of the world is European Roulette, which makes statistical sense too, since the increase in house odds when playing the American version is rather significant. The additional 00 number in American Roulette puts the odds in this game firmly on the side of the house.

The Attractions of Roulette

The Attractions of Roulette

Online, as well as in land-based casinos, European Roulette has nevertheless remained remarkably popular. The classic casino game is enjoyed because it offers high intensity entertainment, a gambling culture all of its own, and simple to understand game play. The basic premise of betting on a random number determined by a ball and wheel is devastatingly simple and effective.

In general, when planning to enjoy roulette at any casino, and European roulette is available at land-based casinos, online as well as on mobile all around the world or in NZ at The tips and advice that are generally given to roulette players by so-called experts are to play European Roulette rather than American Roulette as the odds are much better. Players wanting to achieve consistent success at European Roulette need to learn to manage their bankroll wisely, maintain a balanced and rational mindset with good emotional control, never to rely completely on any so-called roulette strategy, and become comfortable with the casino and pace of the game by playing in free mode first.

The Rules of Roulette

European Roulette play is a rich cultural and traditional casino experience. The entire event should be appreciated, and the fundamental laws of gambling apply in abundance. Over any length of time the casino will win, so never believe that a run of ten red numbers means that the next number will be black, and when you are ahead, walk away.