Gothic Online Slot By Microgaming - Review & Guide for Pokies Players

Gothic Online Slot By Microgaming – Review & Guide for Pokies Players

In the 1980’s and 90’s a cultural movement called the Goth movement was hugely prevalent. People who belonged to it were termed gothic, and liked things like dark colours, long velvet skirts, vampires and graveyards. The Goth movement is still alive to today in one of its many forms so Microgaming created a game around it and its popularity.

Gothic is a five reel slot full of dark and delectable things like drippy candles, red wine and scantily clad ladies. The five reels have 243 ways to win which all have to be active all of the time. The betting range runs from at least 25 coins per spin up to 250. This does make Gothic a bit more expensive than other online slots. Players who enjoy the dark side of life such as mythological creatures that kill you in the night and creepy men with glasses of red wine and top hats will enjoy this game which is one of the best online pokies Australia has on offer online on mobile now!

Dark Mysterious Theme

The Goth movement presumably began from the gothic era, which was full or architecture with pointy bits and lots of detail. Gothic the slot has lots of black and other dark shades such as blues and purples. Any Goth worth their salt would never be found in anything else. The reels sit in what could either be a graveyard or a church, with high pointed gates and lots of detailed stonework. All of the lettering in the game is in curly gothic style font with lots of ornamental crosses.

Creepy Symbols

Gothic has some theme based symbols and some from a deck of poker cards. The poker card symbols have been done in a very curly font which does look suitably Gothic so they do fit in with the theme. These are worth up to 25 coins for five Aces in a row. Themes based symbols come next in the line and include a drippy candle, a scantily clad lady with blood red lipstick, the grim reaper and the creepy top hat guy with the glass of red wine. The top hat guy is worth the most at 1000 coins for five of him in a row.

The wild symbol is a crystal ball. The wild does not have any built in multipliers of payouts of its own, but it does happen quite often and replaces all other base symbols in the game. The scatter is a golden cross style amulet and will pay out scatter wins of up to 1250 times your line stake for five of them. Scatters do not have to be in any order, and will pay out no matter where they are found.

Gem Smash Game

The scatter amulets will also launch the bonus game which involves smashing a bunch of gems. This is done in a second screen, which shows a lot of sparkly gem stones in a dark vault or crypt. Here you simply have to click on them to smash them, revealing cash prizes, this game carries on until you find the collect symbol, at which point the bonus game is over and you will be taken back to the base game.