Action! The Best Movie Themed Slots Around

The different versions of Slots games are popular for different reasons, and Video Slots don’t always pay out the most but they are the most detailed and immersive for players. They usually centre on a theme, with background graphics, reel icons, animations and sound effects all tying in to this. There are also Bonus Rounds that are triggered as players get further and the game unfolds, and they are also based on the main storyline in the game.

All kinds of different ideas and motifs are used in offline and online Video Slots, with some of the most popular being those that are based on movie franchises. Just as on the big screen, they deliver plenty of action! The best movie themed slots around are somewhat subjective, but there are a few that everyone will agree should be near the top of the list.

Action! The Best Movie Themed Slots Around

New games based on classic films and more recent releases are often introduced, so as players spend more time online they will probably find that their personal list of the top titles changes somewhat. The common factor in all popular options, aside from detailed storylines that really involve players, is a healthy dose of action! The best movie themed slots around all tend to be based on adventure-filled blockbusters such as The Mummy and Rango, rather than romances, comedies or thoughtful independent movies with limited budgets. The special effects and cliff hangers on the silver screen inspire many of the Bonus Games, which often require players to perform a task before moving forward.

Scarface, released in the 1980s, is widely regarded as one of cinema’s best and most exciting classics, and the game from NetEnt tracks Tony Montana’s rise to power once again, this time across 5 reels and 20 paylines. The game even contains Scarface clips to evoke the movie even more. The Bonus game returns players to the famous last shoot-out seen in the film, where they have to shoot at targets to collect bonus points.

Comic heroes are enjoying a new wave of popularity in movies, and Tomb Raider has been a Slots favourite for several years. Iron Man and Captain America are also high-ranked games, as is the Dark Knight Rises Slots machine. The 2012 movie from the Warner Brothers studio is brought to life on the reels by Microgaming, and the Bonus game sees Batman facing off against Bane for Free Spins.

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There are literally hundreds of blockbuster-based reels online at the top gaming sites online, and with so many options around, it can be hard to decide on a piece of the action! The best movie themed video slots around usually allow players to spin the reels for free, without making a deposit, so that they can decide if they’re happy with it and polish their skills before laying out any cash. It’s a good way for players to explore as much as possible and find what best suits them. Nobody needs to miss out on any of the action! The best movie themed slots around are all available for perusal at the touch of a button.