About Barcrest

Barcrest, the games developer, was founded in in Manchester in 1968. They became the main supplier of slot and skill gaming machines. The well- known name grew as the popular fruit machines expanded into exclusively online Barcrest slots, when Barcrest was incorporated into IGT and finally Scientific Games Corporation.

The original machines used the reel system of the slot machines and had pictures of fruit. The machines reflected the bright, bold graphics of the 60’s pop culture.

Playing The Games

The original fruit machines used 3 and then 5 reels. The reels would spin once ta button was pushed with 20 ways to get a matching line in a 5 reel game. Games developed to include ‘hold buttons’, which would hold two reels if there were the same symbols and keep the last reel spinning. As the game increased in popularity, so it developed more features and innovations.

Computer software development took the games to the next level, and the simple games that can be played for a small stake now incorporate spins, wilds and options to play more than one game at your favourite online gambling casinos.

Innovations In Barcrest Games

Innovations established the Barcrest name and when the breakout bonus rounds in the land-based machines were introduced, they became the players’ favourite slot. Players could easily master the different combinations and many players considered the skills level which was often a board game round for bonus points, the best feature.

Games such as Card Cash and Super Line-Up were popular games on the floor in the in the 1970s and 1980s, but it was the runaway success of Rainbow Riches, developed in 2006, that really secured its name as a top online games developer.

 The stand out feature on these new online slots is the high roller, a feature that lets you opt for spins. Players can unlock features like Free Spins on the Ooh Aah Dracula slot.

Trademark Barcrest Fruit

The name fruit machines, for these types of slots, came from the imagery produced for the first machines. The symbols on the reels were fruit In bright primary colours like cherries, melons and lemons. Many Barcrest slots still use these original symbols.

In the 1960s Barcrest was able to expand to the US public sector as the machines gave prizes for wins and only small amounts of money. This is linked to the fruit symbols used on the reels.

The fruit on the original Barcrest machines indicated the flavour of chewing gum a player would win for spinning certain combinations. The original machines had prizes other than cash, enabling them to adhere to US gaming regulations.

Barcrest now uses countless other images and graphics to enhance their games as well as theme tunes. You can pick from Elvis inspired graphics and Blue Suede shoes, or collect tombstones for bonus rounds in Ooh Aah Dracula.

Barcrest Then And Now

In 2011 Barcrest Gaming, acquired by IGT in 1998, was bought by Scientific Games. Barcrest has remained in the games area but is part of a wider European online casino market. Barcrest has moved entirely into creating online games.

This is a brand here to stay. Barcrest’s loyal following has swelled as they continue to develop games people want to play. These are not games that rely solely on graphics or the online interaction which is often a draw card, but can also boast an experience where solid skills to keep you spinning and winning.