Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series Online

The game of Blackjack is one of the more popular and most played casino card games of all time, with varieties of the classic version still being created today. Each of these variations on the classical version exploit certain aspects of the original whilst also adding additional features, bets and gameplay to produce something similar but at the same time quite different. This is where the likes of Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series enters into the fray.

This particular form of Blackjack incorporates some unique aspects into the game but is still fundamentally played very similar to the original it has been based on. There are more betting options, some unique features and a slightly different approach to the whole experience as it is deliberately an online version of the game. A large player in this game’s development is gaming group NetEnt that have made this form of the game available in several forms as well as a free play version and of course a real money variant too. Overall the game of Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series could be quite an interesting change to the whole experience of online casino card games.

The Rules and Structure of this Blackjack

The game of Blackjack is well-known for its gameplay against the dealer, whilst simultaneously having a unique scoring system through which to do this. The objective of the game, this applies to the variation Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series, is to score as close as possible to 21 points without going over, or bust. The way this works is the card game is played with several decks of cards, made up of standard 52 card French decks. The points reflect the values of the individual cards, with the face cards earning a score of 10 points each and the Ace being worth either 1 or 11 points depending on the requirements of those using the Ace.

In Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series this basic setup is the same. The differences come when the game begins, where players are able to choose up to 3 hands to play simultaneously. The best hand in the game is an Ace and another card with a value of 10 as this scores the maximum 21 directly. This is called Pontoon in this variation of the game, and will win even more with the help of the odds included in this version.

The options to the players after the cards are dealt include buying, sticking or twisting, which is essentially similar to the hit, stick and split offered at regular games of classic blackjack online. Additionally there are other bets to be made, like the 5 card trick, where players can win a bet if they manage up to 5 cards in a hand without going bust, regardless of whether they beat the dealer or not.

Conclusion on Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series Game

So this variation of the classic is not bad at all, offering a few additional bets, some varying odds and otherwise a slightly unique gameplay without digressing too far from the original game. This makes the game of Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series easy for players familiar with this card game in general to jump right into the action, as well as have a bit of a different experience.