A Guide To Horse Racing Betting On Crown Oaks Day Online

Crown Oaks Day is a horse racing event that occurs in Australia. Regarded as the horse capital of the world, Australia has a number of events based around horse racing. The infamous Melbourne Cup is considered the most prestigious of the horse racing events, but has a number of other horse racing events that occur at around the same time.

Crown Oaks Day is one of these events, and although the prize money is far less than the Melbourne Cup, the event generally tends to be more poplar with spectators.

As many as an astonishing 100,000 guests have been known to attend Crown Oaks Day, although it must be noted that the horse racing event is not the only draw card. Fashion events also occur at the occasion, and this is one of the reasons that Crown Oaks Day is also referred to as Ladies Day, since many of the female guests arrive to watch the fashion events, and stay to enjoy the horse racing afterwards.

Regardless of this reputation, however, Crown Oaks Day remains one of the most hotly contested horse racing events in the world, and regularly draws tens of thousands of bet makers.

Racing Rules

Crown Oaks Day is a racing event for fillies of three years of age and older. The fact that the race is only for fillies is another reason the event is referred to as Ladies Day. The length of the racecourse is 2,500 meters, and the horses are raced in controlled weight conditions, otherwise referred to as handicapping.

Handicapping is a set of rules that adds weight to horses that are likely to over perform and dominate the race. Since the race is most exiting if the results are tight, handicapping makes the event more fair and balanced, with no obvious winners. This helps Crown Oaks Day remain an exciting and unpredictable betting situation for bet makers.

Crown Oak Day Betting

Although many bet makers like to watch the event in person, bet making options are available across the world via Crown Oaks Day online betting in Australia bookmakers. Thousands place bets on Crown Oaks Day via the internet, and tune in to watch on television, or via live web broadcast.

The results of the race are always hotly debated and discussed, with many websites dedicated to predicting who will be the annual winner.

It should be noted that a bet on the Crown Oaks Day race does not simply have to be on the horse predicted to win. It is possible to bet on a selection of horses, with payouts given if any of the selection pace first, or in the top three. A combination bet can be made that predicts the three winning horses, but will payout if any of the chosen horses place in the top tier.

Odds also play a big part in horse racing bets. Horses with a higher statistical chance of winning will payout less than an underdog horse. The interesting thing about the Crown Oaks Day race, however, is that the handicap system means that underdog horse have a fighting chance.