Reef Run Slot Guide for Players Online

Diving straight in this is an underwater themed online video slot from developers Yggdrasil. For a long while older slot machines incorporated the underwater theme because it had a predominantly blue colour scheme and was therefore rather easy to create and still carry a certain atmosphere. Nowadays the graphics of these slot games have grown considerably and underwater themed slot games like Reef Run slot definitely bring the water based theme to life in ways the older slot machines never could. Overall the appearance of this particular slot is an appealing one to have whilst one plays.

The one thing the older slot machines did well though is the core gameplay and with all the new graphics and technology of today developers can sometimes get caught up in the effects and forget the crux of the game. Fortunately developers Yggdrasil are not new to this industry and have included a rather extensive low to middle range of betting options alongside the steadfast 5 reels and 20 adjustable pay lines setup it incorporates. These, alongside an assortment of bonuses like Scatters and an elaborate free spins feature, make this Reef Run slot a good all round game.

Reef Run Slot’s Watery Theme and Symbols

These days underwater doesn’t really quite cut it for the theme of an online video slot game and so with this Reef Run slot Yggdrasil included a whole community of sea life with which to engage with and ultimately try and win something through. This is done in a rather cartoon styled manner, with the blue backdrop displaying what appears to be a fantastical underwater city. There is definitely a sense of personification in the characters which does make the game more engaging, almost as if one stumbled into a Disney movie. On the whole though, the blue colour scheme seems to be as effective as it was way back when.

Taking a slightly closer look at the symbols on the 5 reels of this Reef Run slot, there are actually quite a few interesting characters to find, and since they rather directly play a role in the winning process, it may have its benefits to know more. A few of these symbols include a puffer fish, a sea horse, an octopus, a crab and more, with a pay table available to the players at all times. Again, the characters in this Yggdrasil slot game really do come across quite well and make spinning the reels rather entertaining.

Bonus Beneath the Surface of this Slot

Unfortunately there is no Wild in this Reef Run slot game but there is a Scatter bonus symbol that triggers a rather impressive free spins feature. The symbol is represented by a free spins bonus icon on the reels and when a player lands 3 of these anywhere, due to them being Scatter symbols, they are awarded 10 free spins. Land 4 symbols and win 20 spins, whilst a trickier 5 symbols nets 60 free spins. Additionally a table will appear during the spins and count the winning combinations formed with each symbol. Repeated wins with a symbols during this feature increases the multiplier attached to those wins.