Rugby League Betting Odds Governed by International Federation

Rugby League is in all probability the toughest, most physical form of team sports.  The ball is kicked and carried from one end of the field to the other, in order to score a try.

Governed by the Rugby League International Federation, the game is played mainly in European, Pacific and Australian countries.  Rugby League generally becomes an important part of the culture of the particular area where it is enjoyed – both by players as well as by spectators.

The game consists of two halves of play – 40 minutes in duration each.  In Rugby League, the ball may only be passed in a sideways or backward direction. Passing the ball in a forward direction will attract a penalty.  Penalties are usually levied in the form of a penalty in favour of the opposite team.  Those closely following games and players usually do so with unmatched fervour.

Rugby League must not be confused with Rugby, as it is a separate and different game – much more fast paced, physical and hands-on than conventional Rugby.

Excitement On And Off The Field

It is the very fact that Rugby League is fast-paced and physical to the point of often causing bodily harm, that makes the game so popular in the world of sports betting.  Betting on Rugby League is equal to entering the Twilight Zone – a place where anything can happen from any Australian sports betting sites.

Various Betting Markets

The game of Rugby League lends itself to various sports betting markets, including match bets, live bets and future bets.  Match bets are bets that are wagered on a specific match, or game.  Live bets are made there and then – during the game.  This can be just before kick-off or even at half-time.

The Old Favourites: Bet Types

Certain bet types are favoured above the rest, specifically relating to specific sporting events.  Head to Head, Line and Margin Bets are favourited by bookmakers who specialise in Rugby League bets.  Head to Head is Rugby League in its most enjoyable form.  Head to Head simply means picking a winner and a loser.  In the event of a draw, all bets placed are refunded.

A Line bet is based on a pre-determined handicap.  The bookmaker will determine the handicap, and any bets placed over and above the handicap value, will constitute a win.

Margin bets are exactly as the term suggests – bookmakers have a guess at a certain margin by which a specific team will win.

Rare And Unusual Bets

Rare and unusual bets, also referred to as exotic bets, include bets placed on specific players within a team.  This includes first time scores, conversions by specific players, tries, the number of minutes on the field, etc.  These types of bets are only offered by bookmakers specialising in the field of Rugby League betting.

The run-up to a specific match is generally an exciting event in itself.  Predictions are made, matches and players are discussed at great length and bookmakers are given the chance to comment on the likelihood of wins and losses by teams and players.