Exploring The Starcraft 2 Betting Phenomenon

Exploring The Starcraft 2 Betting Phenomenon

The Starcraft 2 game is the sequel to the ground-breaking game of Starcraft first released by Blizzard back in 1998. The original game, Starcraft, was one of the first eSports to break into general acceptance at sports betting sites, and became virtually a national pastime in South Korea.

The games of Starcraft and Starcraft 2 are real time strategy games. Players do battle with each other by initially gathering resources, compiling an army and equipment based on the resource collection, and then train the armies in the battle strategy to be employed.

In Starcraft 2, players can choose between three different races, the Zerg, Terran or Protoss. Professional players tend to specialise in managing one of the three. Players then practice and implement these management skills against each opposing race. This will vary as all races require a different approach to overcome, depending on the attributes of the race being played. Effectively player can therefore have strong or weak match-ups depending on the race he is using and that which his opponent is using.

Successful Starcraft Playing

Starcraft 2 is the eSport upon which betting has been available for the longest time. Success at Starcraft 2 betting requires a real understanding of the game, and hence a health time investment. To start off with players should find a sports betting site that suits them, and their location. Then, they need to be able to browse other competitive sites such that they are abreast of all the latest odds and bonuses.

There are many variables that Starcraft 2 betting aficionados need to keep an eye on. This is, after all, what makes the game so fascinating to play, and keep the heart pumping all game long. However, as eSports betting sites become more popular, so too does research on the subject, and the latest data emerging from Starcraft 2 betting sites is that there are only about 7 variables that punters need to watch.

An Interesting Fact

Interestingly, as a rule of thumb, higher ranked players currently do worse against the Zerg, which, at the time of writing was the toughest race to beat, and most top-rated players struggle to beat the bugs more than other races.

Overall, true exponents of Starcraft 2 betting should be able to estimate the bookmakers’ odds as well as they do, and make the most of inaccuracies in their odds.

The Variables in Predicting a Winner

A discussion of all these variables is beyond the scope of this discussion, but true Starcraft 2 betting experts will go and do the requisite homework. In brief, however, knowing about these variables entails watching many games, keeping up-to-date with the latest meta-game and closely monitoring the players’ current form.

Time and knowledge are required in ample doses for successful Starcraft 2 esports betting. It will, after all, take quite some expertise to know when you have discovered odds that are misprices by the bookies.

Just to conclude with one specific tip and discussion on Starcraft 2 betting. This is based on the aforementioned specific race matchups. The specific matches between the three races in Starcraft 2 are more accurate indicators of the likelihood of winning than a players’ overall results. In Starcraft 2 betting this can be done by referring to the Elo, a points-based rating system.