Taboo Spell slot

The Taboo Spell Slot Game

The Taboo Spell slot game is a creation of Genesis Studios. It is based around the mysterious, often feared art of voodoo, which is thought by many to be a highly dangerous form of casting magical spells. The game has exceptionally high quality graphics, which are clearly created by a talented artist. From swamp dwelling alligators to sinister magical totems, the player will feel as if they have stepped into the realm of a mischievous witch.

The audio design of the game compliments the graphics well, with interactive drums that kick in upon the reels being spun. The ambient sound, featuring the chirps and snarls of swamp dwelling wildlife, is hypnotising in its realism, and it won’t be long before the player is looking over their shoulder for fear of being stalked by a sinister force. All in all, the Taboo Spell production quality is outstanding. But slot games aren’t all about presentation, how does it do in the game play department? Let’s find out.

Game Play Design

The Taboo Spell slot game utilises a 5 reel, 25 betting line system. The betting lines are manually adjustable, offering players a great many strategic options as far as game play is concerned. This means that those who prefer a more hands on approach will have all the betting freedom they could hope for. The betting amount is also easily manipulated via the simple user interface. All in all Taboo Spell is a treat for advanced slot game players.

In terms of symbol value, players should keep their eyes peeled for the voodoo witch. This sinister looking lady, her face glowing with malicious intent and cupped hands holding some mysterious powder, may not seem like she has best interests at heart, but she sure is generous as far as payouts go. The voodoo mask is the next most valuable symbol, followed by the alligator and voodoo totem.

Taboo Bonuses

Everyone knows that the best online pokies Australia lives or dies on its special features, so let’s see what the Taboo Spell slot game has to offer. The first bonus symbol to look out for is the scatter symbol, shown as the written words Taboo Spell. Upon this symbol being matched the player is granted 6 free spins. During the free spins, however, the witch casts a spell, transforming all picture symbols into the witch symbol. Hence, meaning that any match created with a picture symbol will grant the highest payouts possible. But that’s not all. 6 more free spins may be granted at random after any free spin has been completed. This is some seriously powerful magic.

The other bonus symbol in the Taboo Spell slot game is the voodoo doll. The voodoo doll is the wild symbol, and will match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence. In this game, however, there is one small difference. Any symbol matched with the voodoo doll will pay out its maximum value, as if the symbol had matched 5 times. Learn to love the voodoo doll; it’s a good friend to have.