Try CS:GO e-Sport Betting Online

There has been a long fight by computer gamers to make e-sports an official sport. E-sports turn casual, recreational gaming into a professional and competitive career where teams of players compete on an international level.

As more and more news channels and media outlets discover the massive fan base of e-sports, it becomes bigger and bigger with annual revenues amounting to millions of dollars every year.

Online sports betting is the natural home of e-sports betting and at the top of the gaming heap is one of the most well know and well respected games, Counter Strike : Global Offensive.

What Is Counter Strike

Generally referred to as simply CS:GO, Counter Strike has been a competitive favourite with PC gamers for many years. Starting as a modification of the classic game, Half Life 2, Counter Strike was remade using an improved graphics engine into what we know today as Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

CS:GO betting is one of the most fast paced and exciting sports betting experiences out there. This is due to the quick-fire, team based gameplay of the title, but also due to the huge and rabid fan base of the teams and the game.

The game features two teams, terrorist and counter terrorists. The game involves teams of the two groups facing each other in an arena called a map. The one team must attempt to capture key points or defeat the opposing team.

How To Bet On Counter Strike

Due to its team based play, CS:GO betting works the same as in any other sports match. The same betting options can easily apply in CS:GO betting. This is also what has raised the popularity of e-sports betting, the fact that it is such an easy switch from real sports betting to e-sports betting at popular online betting.

Types of bets can include for instance which player has the most kills on each map. Which team wins a certain map or the overall match.

Well known events that offer great wagering opportunities include the SLTV StarSeries, FACEIT, ESEA, ESWC. Deamhack and more.

Benefits Of Online Sport Betting

If you are an online gamer, you are already halfway to getting an online sports betting account. You need a valid bank account and a reliable internet connection to sign up to a sports betting site. You simply create a player profile with your banking details and then you make a deposit into your account and you are ready to go.

Get The Most From Your Membership

As a first time sign up you can be eligible for certain bonuses like free bets or additional funds added to your account. If you do decide to use bonus offers remember to shop around as different betting sites offer different bonuses that can improve your CS:GO betting experience.

Also remember to read all the requirements of the bonus offers in the fine print. The site will not just give away free money or bets without certain restrictions applying.

CS:GO betting is great fun to take part in thanks to the exciting=g matches and the great community surrounding the sport. Find the right sports betting site and your enjoyment will be increased tenfold.