Why Isle of Capri Casinos are Considered the Best ?

Isle of Capri Casinos currently operates in seven states with 15 facilities total across the United States. Boasting a total of 13 million visitors every year, Isle of Capri is one of the most well established casino franchises in America. Isle of Capri was started by Bernard Goldstein in 1992. Bernard Goldstein started the first riverboat casinos operating on the Mississippi river, the Diamond lady and the emerald lady. From these humble beginnings, the company has grown to be worth over $2 Billion in assets and is one of the first publically traded casino companies. The company describes itself as fun, friendly and offering fantastic value. These principles have driven the company forward to its great success.

The Trusted Isle of Capri Brand

The Isle of Capri Casinos are divided into two divisions, with the Isle of Capri brand indicating their top of the range facilities, whereas the Lady Luck brand serves smaller venues with fewer amenities on site, but they maintain the  same standard held by the entire Isle of Capri group. Isle of Capri Casinos are run by some of the best people in the industry with over 7500 employees ,14000 slot machines, 350 table games and 2300 hotel rooms across their facilities. The Isle of Capri Casinos are found in Kansas City, Bettendorf and many more locations. Lady Luck Casinos are in Vicksburg, Caruthersville, Black Hawk and many other locations as well. The full list of venues can be found on their website.

The Isle of Capri Facilities

Most Isle of Capri Casinos feature over a thousand slot and video poker titles along with 20 to 30 table games, including craps, roulette, blackjack and Live Poker. The venues have restaurants and live entertainment on premises as well as hotel rooms and RV parking for overnight stays. Most Lady Luck Venues would usually feature more than 500 slot and video poker machines as well as table games like roulette and poker. Overnight RV parking and hotel rooms for overnight stays are less common and there would be a limited selection of additional amenities like restaurants and live entertainment venues. They also feature penny slots, Keno and a variety of three card poker tables.

The Isle of Capri Casinos management team brings years of experience to the table. The brand’s footprint in 15 states and 50 gaming properties is down to effective leadership that has taken advantage of the changing casino environment to dynamically adjust the brand strategy and leverage its years of experience to keep innovating and keep up with the other major players. From the company’s earliest days of innovation, taking the casino experience off land and incorporating the Mississippi tradition of river boats to the modern incarnation of the Isle of Capri and lady luck casino brands, strong leadership and visionary strategy has always been the leading light at Isle of Capri.

Isle of Capri Industry Accolades

The company has won numerous industry accolades  for its well-run gaming rooms and its clean family friendly hotels that aims for an inclusive experience with shopping and salons as well as state of the art child care facilities as well as wheelchair access for disabled or elderly patrons, Isle of Capri casinos will be there leading the way. For further information on the Isle of Casino brand as well as locations and detailed facility info, you can call the Isle of Capri hotline or visit the company website.