Australia’s most popular betting markets review

The world has many different sports that are more popular in certain places than in others. Australia is one of the world’s most sports driven countries with a variety of sports that are quite popular. Australians like to bet too and they have plenty of sports betting markets to bet on.

Some sports are far more popular in Australia than others but out of those that are firm favourites, there are plenty of betting opportunities. Each sport has a huge selection of different types of bets to make it even more entertaining and enticing. Odds and pay outs vary but practically all of them have a selection of value bets that have huge winning potential.

Where to Find Popular Betting Markets

Betting at safe and Australian friendly sports betting sites is important because they will not only offer the safest place to bet but a variety of great betting options and the best odds around. Finding such a site is easy to do as there is plenty of information leading Australian bettors to the best places for them to bet.

The top sports betting sites for Australian bettors will most certainly provide betting opportunities for Australia’s most popular betting markets.

The Popular Betting Markets in Australia

Cricket is probably Australia’s most popular sport to bet on as it offers a long season of play and multiple betting types. Betting options include winners of the match, the total runs, the top batsman and more. The cricket betting market is huge and has a good selection bets and odds.

Rugby is another popular sport in Australia. Rugby markets include the Rugby Union and the Rugby League as well as the World cup and so on. Betting options for rugby include match winners, the first scorer, the first try scorer and various handicap bets amongst many others.

Australian Rules football is similar to rugby but a unique game that is covered by the AFL. It is a very popular sport to bet on with various betting options and odds. It is a game that must be offered at any online betting site looking to attract Australian bettors because of its popularity and the fact that it is played nowhere else in the world.

Horse racing has, and always will be, one of the most bet on sports ever. This popular form of betting has been around since the beginning of the sport and offers a variety of choices when it comes to betting types and odds.

Ice Hockey is surprisingly a hugely popular sport in Australia and one that bettors love to bet on. There are multiple national leagues which means that the online sports betting sites looking to target Australian bettors must cover the national leagues in order to attract their attention.

Soccer itself is far more popular in Europe but Australians nonetheless love to bet on soccer. Australia is full of bettors who keep up to date with the national soccer leagues and follow the leagues from Europe such as the UK Premier League and the Spanish Primera. Soccer comes with many betting options and is typically offered at Australian friendly sports betting sites.