Everything About the Game Hit it Rich!

Hit it Rich! is from Zynga and is a social network casino game that is available on Facebook. Ii is considered to be a freemium game which essentially means that it is completely free to play. There are however options available for purchasing certain extra features.

Versions of Hit it Rich! have been released for both iOS and Android operating systems where game play can be carried over from the web version onto mobile. The game was rated the most downloaded casino game onto iPad in February of 2014.

The game is part of Unleashed, which is the large Zynga casino game franchise. It was developed by Spooky Cool Labs under Zynga as Zynga acquired Spooky Cool Labs in 2013 in order to begin creating social network casino games.

The Game Features of Hit it Rich!

Hit it Rich! is a unique entertainment experience that mixes the features of Vegas style video slot games that have commonly known themes like the Terminator and the Wizard of Oz with various other Zynga games like Farmville 2.

The game comprises of multiple five reel slot games that have varying betting options and multiple pay lines and various animations and video clips are shown throughout the games. Hit it Rich! features titles such as Sex and the City; Beetle Bailey; The Terminator; The Phantom; Dark Desire; The Princess Bride and more.

Players can play the game in seven different languages at Spin Casino. It is available in English; Dutch; French; German; Spanish; Portuguese and Turkish. It is however only available at https://onlineroulette.net.nz/pokies/ for fun and has no option to play for real money wins.

Game Play of Hit it Rich!

Just like typical slot games, the Hit it Rich! bonus round features are activated with three or more bonus symbols appearing on specific pay lines. Either single bonus rounds or a choice of multiple options may be given. Earning higher scores in special challenges than other players awards additional coins to play with and all scores can be posted directly to Facebook pages.

As the game unfolds new levels are unlocked and higher betting limits are given. There is also a loyalty point scheme where experience points are added to the bar visible at the top of the game screen. Every bet accumulates points and once the bar is completed with the maximum points, the next level is unlocked. All in all there are five levels starting from the pewter level up to the platinum level. Reaching higher levels come with perks like special bonuses and even discounts on coin purchases, as coins can be purchased with real money too between the waiting period for free coins. Having a reduced waiting period is also a perk of climbing to higher levels as well as exclusive content that is unlocked.

A typical feature of Zynga’s games on Facebook allows friends to assist each other in achieving certain goals. This is the case here with this game that also holds special tournaments. Achievement lists and high limit games are there to enhance the social network experience.