Jacks or Better Multi-hand Video Poker Review & Guide Online

Jacks or Better Multihand is a video poker game based on standard Jacks or Better video poker. This video poker game adds the options of playing multiple hands each turn.

Players can wager to activate up to 100 hands each turn. The minimum amount of hands you can play is 10. Most versions of Jacks or Better Multihand video poker will allow wagers starting from as low as 0.01.

How To Play

Jacks or Better Multihand starts off with a player getting dealt 5 cards per hand. From these five cards you must make the best poker hand possible.

If you have a hand full of nothing, simply click on the cards you wish to keep, click the hold button and the remaining cards will be discarded and new cards are dealt in their place. It is quite an impressive site seeing the game deal out 100 hands.

Jacks or Better Multihand allows players to make things a bit simpler for themselves by including an Auto play feature. This feature is pretty standard amongst most video poker games. The Auto play function will automatically select the best possible strategy for your hand and perform it automatically.

Hand Value

As the title suggests, the minimum hand value required to have a winning hand in Jacks or Better Multihand is a pair of Jacks. Video poker is not played against a dealer or another player. Instead your hand is valued against a pay table that will pay out according to the odds placed on that hand.

Jacks or Better Multihand lets you play with multiple hands offering multiple opportunities to have a potentially winning hand combination.

Jacks or Better Multihand video poker follows the standard rules of poker when it comes to the ranking of poker hands.

The only exception is that the minimum requirement for a 1x wager win is to have at least a pair of jacks in your hand. Other than that ranking still ends with the Royal Flush on top and 4 of a Kind, Straights, Flushes and more below that.


Jacks or Better Multihand is on offer from multiple developers and the minimum wager varies between 0.01 and 0.05 per hand. The higher your wager on a hand, the higher the pay table pay out value increases. Some Jacks or Better Multihand games offer a 4000 coin jackpot pay out for a Royal Flush, making this as exhilarating as online betting or online blackjack.

Real Money Options

Jacks or Better Multihand video poker can be played for real money. No matter what your chosen currency, you can make high stakes wagers in this game.

Since you can play up to 100 hands and each hand has a wager attached, it is best to try and strike some balance between the number of hands you play and the wager value attached to the hands.

If you play 100 hands at 0.01 each, you may have to win multiple hands to break even.