Joker Poker Video Poker Review & Guide Online

Joker Poker is an online video poker game. This game plays like a standard poker game but it has one unique feature that sets it apart from the rest of the video poker pack and turns the odds slightly in your favour.

Joker Poker video poker has a card deck of 53. There are 52 standard cards as well as the Joker wild card. This Joker wild is a substitute card. It can become any card required to complete a potential winning hand. This addition of a Joker slightly increases your odds of making winning combinations.

Joker Poker Real Money Wagers

For the most exciting video poker experience, Joker Poker should be played for real money. To take part in this, you must first register an online casino account where you can deposit real money into.

Once you have a credit on your account you can start a new game of Joker Poker and make real money wagers. Currency should not be a concern as many online casinos cater for multiple currencies.

This video poker game adjusts wagers via non denominational amounts, for instance if you wager 1, it will be either 1 Euro or 1 Dollar, depending on what currency you are wagering in.

Getting started on Joker Poker

Joker Poker video poker follows standard video poker protocol. You start the game with 5 cards dealt from the 53 card deck. This deck is shuffled after each round. Of these 5 cards, you can choose to keep or discard as many as you like.

Generally speaking, it is good strategy to keep potentially big winning hands and hope your next drawn card features what you need. You can also get extra bonuses if you get a Royal Flush on your first draw. In Real Time Gaming’s Joker Poker, a Royal Flush on the first deal will get you a 5000 coin jackpot pay out, making this game as lucrative as others like blackjack and even the online bingo NZ offers players these days on sites like

Joker Poker Hands

As stated, with the exception of the additional Joker wild card, Joker Poker video poker ranks poker hands in the standard poker order. Two pairs and three of a kind are the basic winning hands.

The joker wild can substitute for any of the cards required to form these and other hands. If you combine these two hands into one, i.e. a pair and three of a kind you will get the Full House Pay out.

A straight in Joker Poker video poker is any 5 cards in sequential order. A Flush is 5 cards of the same suit, i.e. hearts, diamonds, clubs etc. The Straight Flush consists of 5 cards of the same suit in numerical order. Four of a kind is four matching cards. Finally, as always, the Royal Flush comes out on top in card rankings.

The Joker Poker Controls and Menus

If you look at the bottom of the board you will find all the in game controls as well as the options menu. You can adjust wagers and game speed, view your real money wager history and see your current credit total available to you.