The Lost Pyramid Online Scratchcard Overview

The Lost Pyramid Online Scratchcard Overview

The Lost Pyramid is a popular scratch card game that could be described as something of a combination between a scratch card and a lottery game, as elements from both are involved in the prize winnings.

The game has essentially been developed for players that are not as concerned with high payout percentages and slot mechanics, and instead are looking to simply take a risk in an effort to win big, meaning The Lost Pyramid is perfectly suited to those that enjoy traditional lottery style gaming.

The game follows a Mayan theme and offers players prizes up to 100 000 coins, where more gold bars result in bigger wins.

Theme & Design

The Lost Pyramid comes boasting consistency in theme as well as an attractive interface that presents players with top quality 3D graphics. The pyramid containing the 7 hidden gold bars is placed in the centre, with a dynamic paytable to the right.

The pyramid is set against a moonlit jungle, giving it the appearance of the actual Mayan Pyramid. This, along with alluring illustrations an easily navigated interface, make this scratch game an enjoyable one.


Unlike regular scratch cards that can be purchase for a predetermined price, The Lost Pyramid offer players the opportunity to choose multiple bets. Thus, the higher a player’s bet, the higher their possible payout will be.

The objective in this particular scratch card game is to find the hidden gold bars in a pyramid containing 36 blocks. Should a player find 7 out of 7 hidden gold bars, they will receive the jackpot prize however, finding as little as 2 will still reward a prize.

Gameplay in The Lost Pyramid is not difficult either, with players simply required to choose their bet and buy the game. Players are then given 7 chances to discover 7 bars and the rest is up to luck, similar to when you’re exploring the various bingo Canada options available these days.

Bet Limits

Players have the option to choose between different bets when it comes to playing The Lost Pyramid. This ultimately means that like other scratch cards, there is still no fixed prize.

Players are able to choose between several values, including 0.10, 0.50, 1.00 or 2.00 and as previously mentioned, the higher a player’s bet the bigger their possible prize will be.

The Lost Pyramid Paytable

The prize a player receives in The Lost Pyramid is dependant on the number of gold bars they find, with the maximum at 7. It is however, always important for players to see what other combinations award prizes, which can be found in the paytable.

The paytable can be accessed in 1 of 2 ways, with the first by clicking the paytable button at the bottom of the screen. Another way to view payouts is on the right hand side of the screen, where payouts are adjusted according to bets.

Possible Settings

In The Lost Pyramid scratch card, players are presented with a couple of standard settings that can ultimately be adjusted to suit the player’s liking. Player simply have to use the action buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The question mark button will assist a player with all the help they need, and discover more on the rules. Game history can also be viewed there, while the sound can be altered using the speaker button.