Legendary Double Exposure MH by Play ‘n Go Review

Play ‘n Go is a Swedish online casino software company. The enterprise has been around since 1997, but was mainly a subsidiary of other software companies until 2005. Since then it has been able to operate completely independently.

One of the best things about Play ‘n Go software is how flexible it is, and how it can accommodate so many different players. It has released games in 30 languages, and plays equally well on your desktop computer or wireless handset, no matter what device you are using. Apple, Android, Windows, and all other options are totally compatible.

The company is dedicated to bringing players quality experiences with every type of casino game, so it makes sense that they offer a version of the popular Double Exposure Blackjack Multihand game. To learn more about Double Exposure MH before you play it for yourself, read on here about https://realmoneycasino.biz.

Double Exposure MH Basics

This game has been a Las Vegas favourite for years, and is just as much of a favourite in online and mobile casinos. The multi-hand version has 5 rounds in 1 session. The name comes from the fact that, unlike in other versions of Blackjack, players get to see both of the Dealer’s cards. Like other games both of the player’s cared are seen but, rather than just showing 1 card, the Dealer is literally double exposed. Of course, this sounds like the odds will always be very much in players’ favour, but a few other rule changes can give the advantage back to the house.

As is the case in normal games of Blackjack, you place your bet on your hand winning the round and are then given 2 cards, as is the Dealer who represents the house. You can choose from chip sizes of 1, 5 and 10, and can bet up to 3 chips per round. The Royal, Ace and number cards being worth 10, 11 or 1 and their face value respectively. These are then added together, and the hand that is closest to 21 but does not exceed it is the winner of the round.

This is where your edge comes in; you can check your cards against the Dealer’s and can hit or stand whenever you want. In contrast the Dealer needs to draw until a hand total of 16, and must stand when his hand total reaches 17 or higher. You are allowed to double down if your hand total is 9, 10 or 11, and on split hands as well. This means you get to double your original wager, but are only dealt 1 more card. You can also split all pairs, but can’t re-split hands and split Aces can only receive 1 more card.

Tempering your advantage is the fact that while in other versions of the game players get to keep their bets if the hands tie below 21, in Double Exposure MH the Dealer wins all ties except a Blackjack, which is a total of 21. Another balancing factor is that all wins will pay you out even money, including a Blackjack. Other variations pay out a handsome 3:2 return for this coveted hand. In addition, split hands made up of an Ace and a 10 or Face Card, the natural real money blackjack Australia, don’t count.

Well Worth Trying

Play ‘n Go’s version of Double Exposure MH is a refreshing change of pace for regular Blackjack players. Optional strategy brings the House Edge to only 0.67%, and the expected return to an impressive 99.04%. Check it out today and see how much you can win!