Non-Stop Party Slot Review

Games OS Non-Stop Party Online Slot

The Non-Stop Party slot from OS Gaming is themed all around a big night out. The graphics and sounds that go along with the Non-Stop Party slot for online players are all based around a nightclub experience. On the actual game interface, there are a number of buttons and windows that all provide players with the option of adjusting a whole range of settings. On the far left of the screen, right at the bottom, there is a window where players can adjust the autospin settings.

An Auto Spin at Spin Casino Canada basically means that the game will continue playing without you physically having to tap on or press the spin button. You can choose how many autospins you would like to happen. This Non-Stop Party slot game setting is very useful for players playing multiple slots at the same time. It is also useful for those who are busy with something else, but still want to keep those slot reels spinning.

The Non-Stop Party slot for all online players is a 5 reel game, and offers players the opportunity to activate up to 20 paylines. While you don’t have to trigger all 20 paylines for each and every spin, if you do want to go for the big jackpot prize win, then make sure all paylines are activated. It is also important in this case to place the maximum bet, as this will be the only way to ensure you are eligible for the main win.

Settings in Non-Stop Party Slot

The minimum bet for the Non-Stop Party slot from Games OS is 0.20, while the maximum bet is 40. If you are trying to use a good playing strategy, then take note of the maximum bet and the maximum number of paylines, and consider all your options before each and every spin. Some players might like to go all out for a big win in the Non-Stop Party slot, while others might prefer to place smaller bets, and to slowly accumulate smaller winnings while you focus on bigger games at Canadian casinos. The choice is really all yours.

The window next to the Spin button in Non-Stop Party slot shows the size of your current stake. As the other settings are adjusted, the size of your bet will either go up or down. With the + and – buttons under the Lines window, you can adjust how many paylines are active. As mentioned above, the maximum paylines in this Non-Stop Party slot is 20.

Non-Stop Party Slot Symbols

Finally, the last button on the right is the big Spin button. As soon as you tap or press on this big button, the reels will start spinning, and you can then start hoping for some good winning combinations to land at

The symbols in the Non-Stop Party slot from Games OS are based around the party night club. Some of the characters include a dancing girl, an Angel with white wings, a club DJ, and a few others. There are also different cocktails that form that basis for the other symbols. All are brightly coloured, and the graphics are very detailed. The sound track that comes along with the online slot is just as one might expect.