The Snake Charmer

Eastern Style Online Slot The Snake Charmer

This online slot game from Amaya Games looks like something straight out of Aladdin with smiling elephants and snakes as well as a certain Eastern charm all done in a fun cartoon style. The reels, backdrop and most else are done up nicely with a degree of animation and a good deal of colour. The reels themselves are done up in a pale yellow which amplifies the symbols thereupon quite well. Overall the graphics in The Snake Charmer are fun and appealing, certainly worth a few entertaining spins.

Fundamentally there are two sides to any online video slot, which is the thematic or visual side and the pragmatic or gameplay side. With regard to the latter, The Snake Charmer online slot from Amaya Games incorporates a set of 5 clearly marked individual reels. Upon said reels there is 3 rows of colourful symbols and up to 25 adjustable pay lines. The latter factor flows into the betting options available with this slot game, which also includes a degree of range regarding the line bet. Bonus features have been included in this Eastern styled slot, the most notable is the free spins feature that can award players up to 10 spins. All in all not a bad compilation of slot gaming factors.

Exploring the Desert on these Thematic Reels

Those uniquely talented flute players that are able to coerce snakes to the tune of their music are certainly a sight to behold, and so as the centre fold, so to speak, of this online slot game they make quite the attraction. The reels of The Snake Charmer online slot seem to be firmly situated in the desert, with white, sandy background layering the underside of all the symbols. The backdrop has an inherently Eastern aspect to it, with the notable temples and a few fast moving, animated clouds drifting across the sky in a tranquil way. There is even the charmer himself, asleep atop the reels, perhaps dreaming of being the snake himself and dancing along to the tune of another.

Taking a rather specific look at the aristocrat pokies reels now and it is pretty clear both the tone and theme that The Snake Charmer online slot from Amaya Games is attempting to bring to the table. Whether it is the dancing girl, the nervous looking elephant, the magical flute or the pots of snakes that plays the pivotal role in the whole creation is largely inconsequential, with the entire product reaping the rewards on the reels together.

Charming Bonus Features waiting for the Music

The Snake Charmer online slot game has a couple of nifty bonus features to find progressively across the reels and make the potential winning process a little more likely. The first of these and a welcome on any reels is a Wild symbol. This comes in the form of a wildly animated Cobra and can of course switch out for other game symbols and make up additional winning chances.

There is also a Scatter symbol to be hit on the reels of The Snake Charmer that can trigger a few free spins. This is the scattered man symbol and wins the player 10 free spins if 3 or more land anywhere on the reels. During this feature the Wild symbol can spontaneously expand to cover an entire reel, allowing for considerably more action thereupon.