Try Aces & Eights – One of the New Forms of Video Poker

Poker in one or another form has been offered in casinos for more than a century, but it was always difficult to reach the general populace with the time and space required for them to enjoy the game. During the 1980s however, video game technology advanced so much that casinos began offering slot machines and the new game video poker, on machines that made them easy to acess.

Video Poker is a relatively new arrival on the casino scene, appearing after the first computerised computer games. It is a mix of traditional poker and an online slots game, where you play the machine, and has become a firm favourite. Video Poker is a straightforward game with rules that are easy to understand.

Real Time Gaming’s Version of Aces & Eights

Online casinos began offering some variations on the standard video poker games, to keep the excitement fresh. First of all there was Deuces Wild, then came Joker Poker, and afterwards came Aces & Eights. Real Time Gaming has produced a version of the video poker game Aces & Eights that is similar to Jacks or Better. Real Time Gaming software is sharp and fast, and also easy to use, and come in a downloadable version or instant Flash version.

In RTG’s Aces & Eights the second highest hand in the game Four of a Kind. There are some other hands higher than the normal hands, and they include Four of a Kind with Sevens, as well as a few other combinations of Four of a Kind.

Card Rankings Much Like Poker

The ranking of hands in the game Aces & Eights are generally the rankings used for most poker games. The hand with the highest value will be a royal flush, but the hand with the second highest value will be a Four of a King Hand, with either Aces or Eights. Then comes a straight flush, and after that comes Four of a Kind with Sevens, and after that Four of a Kind with any other cards, then a Flush, a Full House, a Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs and lastly Jacks or Better.   In a video poker game you will be dealt five cards, just like in a regular poker game, only video poker is played on a screen with animations. You decide which cards to keep and which to discard. The aim of RTG’s video poker game is the same as any other poker game, to finish with the hand with the highest value.

Tips on Strategies

Every video poker game has an effective way to play it, and Aces & Eights is no different. Real Time Gaming has offered some tips on the strategies players may adopt. If you are dealt a hand with no Jacks or higher, it is probably best to discard all those cards and hope for better cards in the next draw. Any hand that will pay out anything, do not discard any of the cards, the next draw may add to it. Use the maximum number of credits possible, as it will increase the return on your hands.

Aces & Eights is a modern form of video poker, only a few years old. It is similar to Jacks or Better at, so can be played with a similar strategy. Real Time Gaming allows you to practise on the free version of Aces & Eights that they offer before you attempt playing for real money. And practice makes perfect!